Frequently Asked Questions
Regarding Our In Home Care

How do I know my parents need home care service?

It isn’t easy to determine the right time for your parents to receive home care services. Your parents would benefit from our services if they are unable to perform basic everyday tasks or have decreased social activity. Their quality of life should not be diminished simply because of the natural aging process. Our goal is to provide high quality affordable home care to your parents. Read more about the 5 "red flag" warning signs.

How do I know my parents need transportation services?

It’s tough to put down the keys when you need to fulfill your daily goals, but it’s hazardous to remain on the road if you find your parents having “close calls”, complaining about viewing traffic lights and signals, frequently getting lost, or failing to follow the rules of the road. When available, We offer transportation services to help your parents keep their daily/weekly routine on going: Our caregiver can drive the client's car if the client names them on their Auto insurance; if the caregiver drive his/her own car, then it is $3.00 per hour extra.

Does Medicare or other insurance pay for personal home care services?

No. We are non-medical and Medicare doesn’t cover anything unless it’s related to medical.

How do you select caregivers?

We generally look for caregivers in CNA schools. All potential employees must have at least 3 years of experience in home care or a CNA license. We then screen them through a rigorous process and hire the ones we believe to be the best fit for the job.

Will we get the same caregiver every time?

Yes. We aim to bring our clients the same caregiver every time. Other agencies like to change people every month, but we don’t believe in that. We believe that once someone is happy with their caregiver, then it’s best to send them the same caregiver to ensure their happiness. If a caregiver has an emergency or is ill, then we will send out a replacement. We make sure to be in contact with the family when a change may be necessary, otherwise we aim to give our clients the same caregiver every time.

Are caregivers properly trained to handle a medical emergency if one occurs?

Not necessarily. Since we are non-medical we cannot interfere with medical emergencies; however, we can contact medical services if an emergency arises. A caregiver with CNA training can handle any non-medical situation or emergency that occurs.

What services do you provide?

View our full list of home care services.

Which areas do you provide service to?

We happily serve customers in San Francisco and Northern San Mateo County.

What is the billing process like?

We require a 2-week payment upfront before we start service. From there you will be invoiced every week. Your 1st two invoices will be marked as paid, you will have two weeks to pay each invoice. We accept payments via check or credit card.

Why should I hire an agency over an independent contractor?

Read our personal message from our owner Una: Homecare Agency v. Independent Contractor