24-Hour In Home Care for our clients

Irish Help At Home offers 24-hour in home care services for our clients and currently residing in San Mateo, CA.

Our Approach to 24-Hour In Home Care

Under California law, caregivers – which California calls personal attendants – are only entitled to overtime when they work more than 9 hours in a day or more than 45 hours in a week. Those same home care companions are entitled to overtime under the FLSA (Federal) after working 40 hours in a week. This means many California caregivers will receive overtime after 9 hours in a day or after 40 hours in a week, which makes 24-hour Live In home care prohibitive in price.

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We try to provide our 24-hour home care service for those clients who need it without overtime, and often this means at least three personal attendants in one day.

We Strive to Keep Our Home Care Costs Low & Affordable

If the client requests two twelve-hour shifts instead, this would accrue some overtime. We understand having many Personal Attendants coming and going is not always optimal to the comfort of our clients, but we do try and keep the cost of our services down as much as possible when providing affordable 24 hour care to your loved ones.

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