Assisted Daily Living

Observation and monitoring of activities of daily living (ADL) makes care-giving smoother. If we are able to offer the necessary help effectively, and if our clients feel capable and yet supported, it adds to their general sense of well-being while reducing the possibility for agitation and withdrawal. ADL activities, or those tasks that we undertake for healthcare, including personal ones like eating, dressing, toileting, and grooming, and instrumental ones like laundry, shopping, and cooking tend to become more complicated with age. Instrumental ADLs can be shared if the client is living with other family members or caregivers. But for personal ADLs, it is important for caregivers to keep a close eye on the client, as their inability to perform these activities independently means a gradual increase in the nature of support that they will need.

“Our most sincere compliments to Irish Help at Home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care you and your staff provided for our mother. We will be in touch again in future should she need any more care.”

Sincerely, Joan and Elaine Dressler

Monitoring & Observation
Home Care Services

Observation and monitoring activities are particularly important for dementia patients, requiring care givers to remain alert on how effectively the client under their care perform the ADLs, and offer the necessary support as they deteriorate. Our objective, as in-house caregivers, is to provide the appropriate amount of assistance to our clients so they have the confidence to remain independent to the extent that they can, but do not face undue risks or get frustrated. Our clients need more help as their abilities continue to reduce, over time, and closely monitoring them will ensure that we are there at the exact moment they need us.

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