Clients with Mobility Issues

Walking assistance.

At Irish Help at Home, we understand that mobility is an aspect that many clients have trouble with. Understanding that muscle weakness, joint problems, and general pain from moving around is something that should always be taken into consideration when performing any task or activity – even if it’s as simple as opening the refrigerator for food and or/drink. The main concern with mobility issues is the chance for a fall. Falls can result in serious injuries that often require emergency medical assistance. If you begin to notice any signs of unsteadiness when walking, then you may want to suggest in-home care services as way to protect your loved ones from injuries that range from minor to fatal. Many clients are prescribed various medications that often result in drowsiness, elevating their chances of sustaining an injury due to reduced mobility. Reduced vision or poor eyesight is another large factor as to why your loved one may be suffering from mobility issues. Fortunately, many devices exist such as walkers and canes to provide much needed support in preventing any serious accidents or falls from occurring. If necessary, a wheelchair may be recommended. We will gladly assist any clients that use any supporting devices, which help them get around. For clients with mobility issues our goals at Irish Help at Home are:

  • To reduce the chances of a fall occurring by limiting any hazards in the home such as removing clutter, enhancing lighting, etc. Installation of certain devices such as grab bars may need to be performed by a professional handy man.
  • To better their overall health and limber up their muscles by encouraging light physical activity or exercise. Visit our prescribed exercise programs page for more information.

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