Cognitive Impairment Services

The symptoms of cognitive impairments are often unpredictable, as they affect individuals differently. Many friends and family members have difficulty caring for their loved ones who suffer from cognitive impairments that may include brain injuries. Those with cognitive impairment require a special kind of care.
At Irish Help at Home, we understand what it takes to care for clients with cognitive impairments. As caregivers in the industry since 1996, we have a great deal of experience with clients. We provide safety and stability for our clients and ensure they are comfortable at all times. The caregivers at Irish Help at Home are not just effective home care professionals, they’re also compassionate providers who care about their clients and give their all to helping them through their moments of confusion.

The Difficulties of Memory Loss

We understand how difficult it is to care for and watch after family members and friends with cognitive impairments. Living with the stress of providing for a loved one in such a mental condition can be demanding. It’s important to care for your loved one, but you can’t neglect your own health in the process. If you need a break from the full-time job of caring for a person with cognitive impairments, contact Irish Help at Home. Our respite caregivers can take over where you left off, giving you much-needed time to yourself. You can relax without guilt or worry about the well being of your loved one knowing that our experienced caregivers will provide the best care possible.