Household Management

As time goes by, your aging parent may be finding it increasingly difficult to perform proper self-care and manage basic household chores. Irish Help at Home provides household management services to support your parent or loved one to age safely at home.

Our experienced and empathetic staff can help you keep up with household chores, doing things exactly how you want them but with zero or minimal effort on your part.

Our household management services include:

Meal planning and preparation - If your aging parent is not able to plan meals, shop for groceries, and cook, our caregivers can assist with that. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is important to maintain your strength and boost immunity by consuming the right nutrients.

Shopping - Your caregiver can drive or accompany you when shopping or running your personal errands. The caregiver will assist with inventory control to ensure that you have the necessary food, household, and medical supplies. All transactions are properly recorded for accountability.

Laundry and linen changes - Hygiene is a vital component of optimal health. As you age and your health deteriorates, you become more susceptible to many illnesses including cold, flu, and gum disease. Our caregivers can ensure that you perform daily hygiene practices, such as brushing your teeth, bathing, staying warm and comfortable, and washing your hands, while they handle your laundry needs.

Activities - Our caregivers can help you perform your daily activities, exercises, and events to maintain the recommended level of physical activity for optimal health. We implement a high-accountability system to ensure that all bills are paid in time, and all schedules, whether to your health club, local center, prescription refills, or physician’s office are kept.

Transportation - Beyond the age of 60 years, driving can become quite difficult for most people, with cases of poor vision and slow response times. Our caregivers can arrange for transportation when you need to visit your doctor, run local errands, or attend community or social events.

Light housekeeping - Our caregivers will help you keep your home in order by performing light housekeeping chores and coordinating other tasks such as snow shoveling, walking your pet, landscaping, housecleaning, newspaper delivery, and any seasonal events like spring cleaning.

“Our most sincere compliments to Irish Help at Home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care you and your staff provided for our mother. We will be in touch again in future should she need any more care.”

Sincerely, Joan and Elaine Dressler

In-Home Care

Our goal is to provide the care and guidance needed for your aging loved one to remain safe and as independent as possible at home. Contact Irish Help at Home today for customized household support that meets your specific needs.

Contact us online or give us a call at 415-759-0520 to learn more about our household management services.

Irish Help at Home has been providing high quality in home care and assistance to the area since 1996.