Incontinence Care

Incontinence issues could be an embarrassing problem for the client. Contrary to popular belief, incontinence is not part of the normal aging process. It is a condition where an individual loses the ability to control his or her bowel movements and/or excretion of urine. The home care services offered at Irish Help at Home understand your loved one’s need for assistance during these times. We assist in this process by aiding your loved ones with any restroom activities, as well as carefully cleaning up any accidents that may occur unexpectedly. We may suggest certain products (i.e. incontinence pads) that can be used to better manage the situation as well as gently remind your loved ones of the possibility of having a bowel movement or urine excretion. Incontinence is a condition that can be successfully managed without the need for medical assistance.

Staff that Cares & Understands

Your loved ones should not feel embarrassed by the condition, as it is a condition that is out of their control, something our caregivers at Irish Help at Home completely understand. Contact Us online or give us a call @ 415-759-0520 to learn more about the incontinence care services we provide.