Prescribed Exercise Programs

We can’t stress enough how important exercise is for the client. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis are some of the many problems that exercise can improve or prevent. Exercise has also been shown to improve your mood, immune system, and digestive system. We understand the benefits that reap from consistent exercise habits. If you have a doctor, personal trainer, or other fitness specialist that has been prescribed an exercise program for you to follow then we at Irish Help at Home will help motivate you to keep up with your workout regimen.

Working with Your Strengths

If you do not have a prescribed exercise regimen then we will work with you to develop one. We will establish which exercises should be done, their duration, and how many times per week they should be performed for optimal results. There’s a reason why experts say, “Exercise is the key to healthy aging”. To learn more about our prescribed exercise programs, please contact us or give us a call at 415-759-0520.