We Provide Skin Care Service

Our non-ambulatory clients need assistance with skin-care and positioning, because aging causes certain changes in the skin that affect its integrity and make it more vulnerable to damage. Our clients have a very thin epidermis that makes their skin more susceptible to injury and damage from mechanical forces, such as friction, trauma, shear, and prolonged exposure to moisture. Since they are forced to remain in certain positions for extended periods, it is important for caregivers to offer positioning services, as well as skin-care services. It is easier to prevent bedsores than it is to treat them, but this does not necessarily mean that the process is easier or uncomplicated. Wounds can still develop, even with proper, consistent care. Nevertheless, we coordinate your home-care team to come up with a good strategy to keep you comfortable and prevent pressure sores through frequent position changes to avoid stresses on vulnerable areas of the skin.

“Our most sincere compliments to Irish Help at Home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care you and your staff provided for our mother. We will be in touch again in future should she need any more care.”

Sincerely, Joan and Elaine Dressler

We Also Provide Repositioning Services to Maintain Strength

For clients who spend a great deal of their time on a wheelchair, we try to shift their weight and reposition them frequently, motivate them to lift themselves occasionally is they have enough upper body strength, and use cushions or adjustable wheelchairs to relive pressures. Precautionary measures are also necessary for bedridden clients, through regular repositioning, use of a specialized mattress, adjusting the elevation of the bed, and placing cushions in bony areas. Daily monitoring of the skin is also critical to identify sores in their early stages so they can be treated before they become uncomfortable.

Irish Help at Home has been providing high quality in home care and assistance to the area since 1996.